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Our services are held at the Third Street Center, 520 South Third Street, Carbondale, Colorado at 10am every Sunday. Religious Exploration for kids and youth happens during the service. 

Everything you see is a shadow of what you do not see–

“Everything you see is a shadow of what you do not see,” the little slip of paper said, my prize from the fortune cookie. Usually, I detest the fortunes that come out of these hard horseshoe shaped cookies. The lotto numbers are always unlucky. I’m irritated that they often do not tell the future but instead are non-fortunes. Like this one. Observations about life, character, and perception. Rarely do I get what *I think* is a fortune: something that tells me about the future. This non-fortune did give me pause. It can’t have a literal meaning. I see Mt. Sopris … Continue reading →

Our minister, Rev. Shawna Foster, and her pup Fuzzy, welcome you to Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist! Contact: Minister@TwoRiversUU.org

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  • Death Café

    What do you understand about Death? Death Cafe started as a movement in the United Kingdom recognizing that many of us just don’t talk about death in wider society, even though it is something we all face in the end. Join us for a relaxed discussion so we can make the most of our (finite) lives. Rules about death cafe: it’s not for profit. It’s accessible, respectful, confidential. No intention of leading anyone to any conclusions, products, or course of action. We always have cake. No agenda, objectives, or themes. Not a grief counseling or support group. Immortals welcome if they call first. Otherwise, we meet simply as people that know we’ll die someday.