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The Best Movie Theaters in Singapore

Posted by Miriam Woods on

If you are looking for a movie theater in Singapore, you’re in luck! There are a variety of excellent options in the city, from Syonan-to Cinema to Cathay Cineplex to Eaglewings Cinematics. Listed below are the best movie theaters in Singapore. If you have never been to a local movie theater before, you’re in luck! We’ve reviewed our top recommendations for the best places to see a film in Singapore!

Syonan-to Cinema

The Syonan-to Cinema was a four-hall cinema in Singapore, which closed in 2000 and was refurbished. It was once the largest drive-in in Asia. Today, the complex is a library and education hub. You can catch the latest blockbusters here. You can even see movies in Japanese! Read on to learn more about this movie theater in Singapore. Here are some interesting facts about the building.

Shaw Theatres

With eight cinema locations located within the central business district (CBD) of Singapore, Shaw Theatres is one of the most popular choices for movie-goers. Shaw’s competitive pricing makes it an especially good option for budget-conscious moviegoers. Movie tickets cost around $4.50 before 6pm, $1 for first week titles, and $2 for 3D films. For a variety of popular movies, the Shaw has a variety of promotions and offers to cater to movie-loving patrons.

The new J Cube cinema operated by Shaw has IMAX technology. If you’re into visual effects and action movies, this is the place for you. Located on the top floor of the mall, this cinema also has a view of an ice skating rink. The corridor is narrow, so expect to be cramped as well. You can also opt for a premium seat if you wish. This movie theater has 11 screens, including an IMAX screen.

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Cathay Cineplex

If you are planning a trip to Singapore, the last time you went to a Cathay Cineplex movie theater is in 2011. The theatre will be closing on July 23. The closing is part of a cost rationalisation exercise. However, if you want to enjoy a great movie experience, the Cathay Cineplex is still worth checking out. Read on for more information. In the meantime, here are some other places to watch movies in Singapore.

The Cathay Organisations Gallery is located on the first floor of the shopping mall. It is home to a comprehensive collection from the company, which once had 45 cinemas around the region. The gallery also contains many memorabilia and still cameras. However, you are not allowed to take pictures inside the gallery, as you are not permitted to do so. For your own safety and security, you are encouraged to avoid taking photos inside the cinemas.

Eaglewings Cinematics

There’s a new movie theater in Singapore, EagleWings Cinematics, in the Bukit Timah area. It’s a standalone cinema that will screen regular movies as well as indie films. The theater opened its doors in December 2018 and features four movie screens. There’s no word on how many seats each screen will have, but it is likely that there will be a limited number of 2D and 3D movies to choose from. EagleWings Cinematics will have 153 seats and will feature the latest blockbusters, as well as some older films, as well.

Another interesting feature of the EagleWings Cinematics theater is its commitment to broadcasting Christian films. The theater has a Christian film club and welcomes bookings from faith-based organisations. You won’t be able to bring food into the theater, but they do offer reasonable snacks. You’ll find comfy old-fashioned seats and beanbags for moviegoers. The theater is located in Airport Boulevard Terminal 3. There are many films at this theater.

Rex cinema

The Rex Cinemas Mackenzie, also known as the Rex Theatre and Rex Cinemas, was located at the corner of Mackenzie Road and Bukit Timah Road. It had been in operation for about a decade before being closed down. It was built next to the Ellison building and was adjacent to Bukit Timah Road and Mackenzie Road. It served the neighborhood of Bukit Timah from 1978 to 1999.

Rex Cinemas have 3 Cineplexes and boast advanced cinema equipment. They have also renovated the interior to have better seats, toilets and lobby areas. The Rex theatre holds up to 700 people at a single screening. The building is one of the first to use “Sensurround” sound effects. Its interiors have received a $2 million makeover. The Rex cinema is located in a prime location in Singapore’s Little India district.

Golden Village max at Vivo City

If you’re looking for a quality multiplex in Singapore, look no further than the Golden Village max at VivoCity. This movie theater features 15 cinema halls, including three Gold Class theaters and the GV Max theater, all featuring top-notch audiovisual systems. With two screens and a spacious seating area, you’ll feel right at home in any one of these theaters. And if you’re a parent, you’ll be thrilled to know that your children can enjoy the same quality of entertainment.

The Golden Village max at Vivo City movie theater has the biggest screen in the region. The theater’s central computerized system allows patrons to buy tickets easily, whether online or using a mobile app. Online booking also gives patrons the option to choose their seats. The theater’s online ticketing system lets moviegoers make a reservation at any time and choose from a wide variety of movie titles and showtimes.